The Villa

Designed in collaboration with architect Thomas Leach, Villa Verte echoes the theme of nature and the circular concept of a village that is found at its sister villa, Maison Noir.  Villa Verte has five peaked roofs, reiterating the five elements present throughout the homestead.

The architectural design of villa Maison Noir, on the same estate, was rooted in the concept of the African ‘kraal’ with an enclosed series of small buildings, whereas Villa Verte uses the circular element as the backbone of the house with cantilevered bedroom suites extending outwards from the double-volume curved interior.

Magnificent views from both sides of each of the bedroom suites are through tall glass windows of the valley below and craggy mountain peaks behind, so there are times when it’s hard to imagine that you’re a mere 20-30 minutes’ from the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. But that’s just what the owners intended: Villa Verte was imagined as a retreat that would allow guests to fully appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape. An escape. A place to recharge the soul.